End of the season sales

February 21, 2018

One thing I love is a good sale. 

As I am writing this post I am staring hardcore at my clothing rack and looking at all the pieces I scored these past few months for winter. Now as we are starting to experience warmer temperatures we are experiencing the change from Winter to Spring. I love the change of weather personally, this is my most favorite time of the year! I love being able to score amazing pieces from this past season on major score prices. But I also love having the opportunity to score pieces for the next season. (more about spring pieces in the next few weeks). 

Today I wanted to break down some of my very favorite pieces to score now and save for next winter or even to wear right now! As we know the Nordstrom Winter Sale kicked off this past week and it goes through February 25th! Which is an amazing way to stock up on pieces for right now, later and in the next year. Which if you ask me stocking up on basics is the best way to save money and to build ones wardrobe! 

Molly Moe Adoption Story

February 14, 2018

One of the most requested things, when it came to blog content in the past month has been Molly's adoption story. I recently put a big poll up on Instagram asking if that was something everyone would want to read about. And ironically 97% of you all said yes! Which if you ask me was a little bit shocking! So as Valentine's day is here and we seem to sometimes discuss the ones we love the most (being human) I decided to talk about how Molly came into Connor and myself life roughly six months ago. 

For one Connor discussed a dog.
Some months prior to adopting and getting Molly he voiced his opinion about wanting to have a dog. He knew he did not want to adopt a baby puppy due to schedule with school, housetraining, potty training and just all that puppy stuff.  We knew when we found the dog it was going to be unexpected.

However, we knew we wanted to adopt not shop. 
As a millennial, I think this is a huge thing so many people my generation are starting to adopt. And I really appreciate and love the idea that people my age are taking this idea into mind. My dog that I have had since childhood is a puppy from a "dog boutique" and let me say he has been an amazing dog but a dog that has unfortunately so many health problems. 

And then came Molly
When we received Molly she was given to us, from a couple that no longer could care for her. She was seven years old and was this hyper oblivious dog. The previous owners I think thought of her to be just another dog. When Connor and myself went to pick her up we started to have that remorse of getting her. Taking her away from her home for seven years and taking her from the people she loved dearly. Connor and myself, knew NOTHING when it came to taking care of a dog. Connor didn't even tell his Mother and or Father we were adopting a dog. It truthfully was something we did in whim.

The Perfect Blush Vest

February 12, 2018

Valentines Day is this week this Wednesday to be exact. So public service announcement make sure to get a gift asap and or a card.

We are officially in the Valentines day feels over here. Again I am not a valentines day fan I am just a huge fan of the color combinations, candy and cute decor. And that means one thing I am loving and have been almost waiting to pull out for this time of year has to be this blush perfection vest from Papaya clothing. This babe I received before the holidays and I am the biggest fan of the beauty of this color! The blush something that I have been loving for some time now! Additionally, I love the idea of the longer back, covering my butt is something that always is a win-win situation for me and might I add this piece is extra affordable! Finally one of my very favorite things is that you can wear this piece into spring which is something we all know that I am the biggest fan of!

Additionally, I am rounding some of my very favorite pink favorites! AND a very special post is going up on Wednesday in honor of Valentines day!