How to find the perfect romper for spring and summer

May 24, 2017

When I saw this adorable romper I knew that it needed to be a part of my spring and summer wardrobe. I have always never been a real lover of a romper some people just look made for a romper when others just look uncomfortable. That's me the girl that looks so uncomfortable and looks like she belongs in a good pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I have never loved a romper hence why I don't buy them or put them on the blog a lot. But this one changed everything. Literally changed my summer capsule closet big time. Like I said earlier not only is it so versatile but it can be layered dressed up and dressed down. This day it was cooler and it was perfect because I just threw on a denim jacket and went on my way! The scallop detail on the sleeves kinda sold me. I thought it was so different and the tie up in the back was beyond perfect! 

I'm giving some tips and tricks when it comes to rompers! And how you can pick the perfect one! 

1. There is a and always will be a romper for every body type! 
Yes, you might be saying no V you are a crazy girl and yes that might be true but however, there is seriously one for every body type! And you should not give up by any means when it comes to searching for that perfect romper. 

2. Find the right length! 
Let's be so honest, how many times are we out and we see a girl with a skin tight romper on and we think are we doing something wrong? Literally, every time I see a girl around my age I think hmmm am I doing something wrong? Truth is buying that romper that fits can be worn in so many social settings. And when you purchase that correct length you have more options! 

3. Finally, don't buy a crazy print or a print you never can re-wear. 
It might be my thriftiness coming out but do not go out of your way and buy one that you never can re-wear expect for that one event. Yes, it can be fun to have this bold print. But can you wear it all year round or wear it to your next formal event. If you purchase one that you can wear over and over you are getting the most for your money and the most for every season! 

Make sure to check out all my picks for the new season! Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! 

The perfect dress for summer

May 22, 2017

Another weekend is in the books and we are back to the grind on this Monday! The majority of my weekend consisted of a housewarming party and getting all of our patios ready for the summer which is right around the corner! I can not believe that summer is one month away! That is beyond crazy to me, I feel like we were just sending summer off and now it is making its triumphant return! 

As for today's post, I am starting my second segment with Lula Roe. Y'all I can not lie I have an obsession with this Carly Dress. For one it is so comfortable and so perfect for that spring and summer wardrobe. What I personally fell in love with was this pattern. I thought it was so bright and so different for me. And I really felt that I could make it my own.  I paired this dress in a more dressy date night look. And let me tell you I loved the outcome of this look! 

I pair my Carly dress with flats and sandals and this was my very first time doing a more dressed up approach and I can say it was so worth it. Let's not forget that summer is right around the corner and that means date night and social gatherings this dress is beyond perfect for those events! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday! 

The best websites to shop for trendy budget friendly pieces!

May 18, 2017

You probably read the title and was like what are you talking about Victoria? Yes, I know this post is a HUGE change up for my usual content. But guys, change is a good thing and I am ready to share some of my shopping secrets with ya! For so long people always ask me how I stay fashionable and on a budget. And yes, it helps running a blog but it also comes from having a mother that taught me you can be fashionable and smart! I'll start off by saying yes Tj Maxx and I are BFF's and I always love a good sale or steal. I am in college and yet I am able to purchase new clothes that are super trendy and yet I still have some coffee money left over. Today talking about my 5 favorite sites for adorable and affordable fashion!

1. Tj Maxx! One of my very favorite stores in this planet! And the best part is they have an online store and it fantastic, they even have more styles and pieces that aren't even in the store. Shipping and free returns in the Tj maxx stores! One of the best sites ever!

2. She In! One of my personal favorites we all know that I have ordered tons of pieces from here! I love this place, however I always go a size up and make sure to be patient! Shipping does take a few!

3. Choies! One of my favorites! They have such great pieces at such an affordable price! I always go up a size just to be positive! But I have always been so happy with the pieces I have ordered from them!