Why I am loving skirts this summer

June 18, 2018

Summer is officially 4 days away and I am so pumped because that means summer clothes is in full rotation. One thing that I am loving in and out of the office is skirts for summer. Not just plain jane skirts but fun, frilly and exciting ones, that look perfect in at out of the office. If we also haven't noticed I have been wearing white, like crazy. It kinda is becoming a sick obsession of mine, white all white all the time. 

But in all honesty, white is an insane idea to just go ahead and pair with looks for summer. I love how you can add it to any wardrobe bottom and it makes for the perfect outfit. As I stated last week I have officially given up with shorts and have now focused more on linen shorts and different easy shorts to wear that I don't feel like a total uncomfortable mess in. So that is where fun and frilly fun skirts come in for summer. This one is my favorites and it was a super affordable addition to my closet for spring and summer. The best part is it is perfect for in and out of the office. And yes it is white tee shirt approved! 

Check out some of my very favorite summer skirts below!

Why you need linen shorts this summer

June 14, 2018

If the title says it all let me explain first why I am so strong-minded regarding linen shorts. 

I have never been a fan of shorts ever, denim shorts scare me point blank. Never have I ever been able to find a pair that I love and feel confident in. SO I have point blank gave up on trying to find a pair that fit me and shorts in general. Instead, I have switched over to the idea of linen shorts. Not only are they huge this season but they truthfully are comfortable beyond words. So I have switched over from Denim shorts to straight linen shorts and let me give you 5 reasons why! 

1. They are breathable- 
If you didn't know linen is so breathable if its super hot out just throw linen on and you won't be disappointed. I never knew this was true until I wore a pair of linen pants on a hot day and I instantly was able to be comfortable. 

2. They are comfortable- 
Nothing I love more than wearing linen anything! It is so comfortable breathable like I said above and just is a good on the go comfort pieces to own. 

3. Did I tell you linen shorts are the bomb?- 
I love the way that linen shorts fit, look and stay. As I said before I broke up with linen shorts completely and I love that I can turn to a drawstring short. These ones are my very favorite and come in three different colors! 

4. It's like the thing to wear in the summer- 
No joke everyone has something that is linen in the summer. I mean who would you be if you didn't have something linen? It has so many benefits to wear linen, choose being cool this summer. 

5. It can be so affordable- 
Find the right place to spend your money on linen pieces you can actually grab good pieces for an affordable and good rate! I always recommend stocking up on pieces right now or towards the end of the summer. 

May Beauty Favorites

June 12, 2018

Another month means yet another May Beauty Favorites. This month was full of spray tan, bronzer and body oils. So many products caught my eye this month, and they even have went on to replace past favorite products that are dear and near to me! 

This month I am loving the most the Josie Maran face cleanser. The scent is amazing and it cleanses and keeps your skin feeling so much better! I love how the product goes and turns to a milky consistency. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed. 

 Another product that I am obsessed with is the Farm House Fresh Agave Body Oil another product that is amazing. Not only is it water soluble. But it also has an amazing scent to it! I love how it doesn't get on your sheets, clothes and shoes. And you can instantly wash it off with not any problems. I am beyond obsessed with this product this summer. 

One of the best red lipsticks for summer is Almay light red lipstick. This color is perfect for summer and it is a sheer pigment and it looks perfect on! I totally recommend it if you still want a little bit of a red tint this one is perfect. Look no further, and go for this drugstore wonder. 

So many products have my heart this month! Take a look below to see some of my very favorite ones from the month of May!