Useful gifts that I use everyday

December 14, 2017

The name of this post says it all basically. But the other night when I was brushing my teeth and taking off my makeup. I was thinking of interesting blog topics during the holiday season. I know we see the same posts during the holiday season. Gift guides, giveaways and gift picks, the three G's. However, I wanted to incorporate this in some way to my Friday favorites for gift guides.

 I love asking for practical products every year that I know will help to make an impactful influence in my life. Meaning products I know will last for a long time and will stand the test of time with me. For that purpose, I feel like its only right to go deep into products that I have received in years past that I find to be useful every single day. 

 I love investment pieces and we have that discussion so much here on the blog. Truth is I always every holiday ask for one. LAST year it was a davis yurman, the year before that it was Hunter boots. I love a good investment piece. And additionally these are some of the pieces I have invested in that have a special place in my heart.

 Lets talk about Fragrence. Possibly everyone buys some sort of fragrence for the holidays truth is its the thing I feel like to do. I have actually just purchased fragrence and I know you do also. I use my Jo Malone everyday and I have two scents that I absolutley adore. Reccomend getting someone that makes you feel comfortable when purchasing it because then it helps you to pick the best scent. Especually because they have so much to choose from!

If you have any further questions about anything I use everyday feel free to leave comments below and or email me! I love to answer any! 

Christmas Tree Farm

December 12, 2017

True life: I have always wanted to be the cute blogger that goes to the Christmas tree farm and takes adorable photos. So the other day after church when I recommended this idea to Connor. He instantly sprung up with an idea. He proceeded to tell me that his family members have a Christmas tree farm, and like that a half an hour later we were on our way to the Christmas tree farm. 

What if I told you this look is actually built over the concept of overalls??? Yes overall's it was so chilly that day that I had to go and actually include a nice little pullover. Let's be honest I would love to be way more put together, but hey that is life. Not all the time is fabulous! At least I am super honest here! 

But in actuality, I was super pleased because I love and I mean love this pullover. Back on Saturday on Instagram, I posted this pullover and even linked its 12.99 dupe. Yes, YOU heard me correctly. Nothing I love more than an affordable and cute dupe. Besides that it makes such an awesome holiday gift for the lady in one's life. I actually just purchased the vest version in brown for my mom for Christmas! 

Different Coats for Different Folks

December 11, 2017

One of my favorite things on this planet is coats. Growing up my mom always had a ton and I found them to be something that just made an outfit staple. Now in college, I have to rely on a good coat that will not only keep me warm but also is a versatile piece that can be worn throughout many times. That is where this green babe comes in, nothing I love more than a patented coat. There is something that just screams lovely about this coat. What I love the most is it covers everything that needs to be covered and it is one of the most comfortable coats I have today. 

Since the holidays are here I decided to link 5 coats that I am loving this holiday season! All budget friendly and super cute! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday!