The Arm Candy Game

April 15, 2014

 The Arm Candy's Rule's 

When pulling pieces together on our wrists we must follow these rules 

Ten DO's and Don'ts 

No.1 Don't over stack it looks busy and just not cute It kinda takes away from maybe what you're wearing and focuses on your wrist. It's a no

No2.DO Mixing Metals it's a cute look just don't go crazy with it you may regret it.

No3. Do not be afraid of color!

No.4 DO own a nice watch! it's the base to a great arm candy!

No.5 DO add those sentimental pieces of jewelry to your arm candy you can make it flow into a great look dress it up or dress it down. Those pieces are important to you and can actually be tied into your arm game and look awesome.

No.6 Do not spend ton's of money on your arm candy's like going to tiffany's when you want a cool bracelet. FYI there is tons of places to find good quality jewelry that you won't be throwing away each month.

No.7 DO get playful with your Arm game many times I have tried new things when I wanted to be more bold and it work's or sometimes it doesn't. Just keep trying new combinations!

No.8 Do not wear jewelry that cut's off circulation. Common sense guys!!!

No.9 DO mix high and low it can be a great combination. I do it more and more lately.

No.10 Don't Go to far extreme that people are drawing attention away from you to look what you have on your wrist. I know you may be proud of it but still walking out with ton's of stuff on is not a cute in trend thing. Just saying guys!

Look One.
Michael Kors Watch
Stud white bracelet- store in Dc called LULU's
Skull Bracelet- Francesca's Collection
Gold finish bracelet- Francesca's Collection 

Look Two.
Skull Bracelet- Brandy Melville
Diamond Stud Bracelet- Sabika classic collection
Black Flower Bracelet- Juicy Couture
Nail Bracelet- LULU's  

Look Three.
Diamond Stud Bracelet- Sabika classic collection
Watch- Juicy Couture
Wrap Bracelet in gold- from a local Boutique

Look Four.
Diamond Stud Bracelet- Sabika classic collection
Small thin Bracelet- Alex and Ani
Shape Bracelet- Alex and Ani
Skull Bracelet- Francesca's Collection
Black FLower Bracelet- Juicy Couture

As Always thanks so much for reading! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!
Lot's of Love Victoria  

Sunday Brunch

April 13, 2014

Sunday Coffee 

Happy Sunday Guys! Hope you are having a nice calm and relaxing day! 
Well I wanted to share the Part's of my outfit in this Picture! I just pulled this outfit together to go with the warm and humid temps outside! But still it's April and i'm quite not ready yet for short's but they will be making an appearance probably by mid May! Anyway's I hope everyone is having a great relaxing Sunday! I will be doing this week probably a Ipsy bag review and some DIY stuff! 
Lot's of Love!

Shoes- New York and Company 
Jeans- American Eagle in the cut "Skinny" 
Shirt- Forever 21
Watch- Michael Kors in Gold  
Sunglasses- Prada  
Clutch- Michael Kors

spring fever for Nyx!

April 12, 2014

Nyx Haul

Today I stopped by Ulta I had an Coupon and wanted to use it so I spent it on a couple of these Nyx products!

These are all the product's that I purchased from Ulta today! Some of them are new product's from the new line other's are repurchases.
First off is the "Super Skinny Eye Marker" I love this it kinda was a transition for me going from using a super wet liner formula to a nice felt tip. I love this Product more than anything it makes great lines and wonderful wing's. If you want to look bold or just a nice thin line this liner does the trick and for a great price.

New Product I decided to Purchase from them I am running dry on my Eyebrow gel. Before I purchased a cheap one from a line at target it was on sale and I needed a quick fix. It was a pretty good gel lasted me about a year and half. But now I had to go and replace it. I use Nyx eyebrow pencil and love love it. So I kinda am excited to try this product out.

Ahhh! This product it what I have been seeing Youtube beauty guru's using for month's now. It is the Nyx "Jumbo Eye Pencil" in 604 "Milk". This stuff looks so pretty as a waterline highlight just to give your eyes a pop or to help you look more natural. I have kinda hesitated to purchase this but finally I gave in and I am happy I did. These crayon's just blend so well and just come in great colors Love this product from them!

Finally, the new Nyx Baked Blushes saw this on their Insatgram and got really over joyed! Love all these color's in this baked line. I believe that the baked line is eye shadows and blushes. The packaging is great love how they look love how they blend so well. The shade that I decided to purchase is BBL10 "Ladylike" . The color is great for spring, light and fresh but still pigmented very, very rich pigment. Nyx never goes cheap on their blushes always a great drugstore choice.
Website's to find Nyx! 

Current April Favorites

April 10, 2014

Current Beauty Obsessions: April 

Hi guys and happy Thursday! Well if the title did not tell these are some of my April Favorites so far this month. I love these products I see myself reaching for them in my everyday rituals.

First the Zoya nail polish in the shade "Dot" I love this color I currently have it on my nails. It's so springy and happy and just puts you in the mood for spring. Never before did I really know about Zoya until my ipsy bag came and introduced me to amazing pigments and long lasting shine and color. Yes, it really does last a long long time! For how much you spend on a bottle it is a little more than leading brands OPI and Essie but it is a truly amazing product!

Covergirl outlast stay fabulous, is a new product that I really have been turning to every single morning. Three reasons why I love this Product. One it last's a very long time thought the day it stays! and never comes off of course I set this product with a powder. Two it has a three in one primer, coverage of a concealer and a is a very bendable foundation, I am the shade " Classic Ivory" 810. It's also hard to believe that you find this product at the drug store, I am usually a non Covergirl person but when I herd amazing revews I had to go try it and im so so so happy I did.

EOS, okay these thing's are powerful little thing's! I have went through uhh probably 4 in a year's time. Mint is my all time favorite and probably the only one I have tried. This thing goes everywhere with me I just throw it in my purse and go also I leave it by my bedside and in my car! In the past I have used many lip balm's usually end up drying my lips to the point where they are just so chapped and gross. You need to have one of these thing's you will be happy you bought one.

Last but not least the Biore Combination skin balancing cleanser. Love this stuff it's so great smells great and work's wonderful. Sometimes I use this with my Clarasonic just when maybe i'm having a bad skin week. Only down fall of this stuff is it can be drying for the combination dry/ oily skin at times. Honestly it can be so dry I try to go and use a nice hydrating lotion when this happen's. Also I got this stuff in my eyes BOTH EYES! ouch! Yeah it's a super painful thing to get in your eyes! watch out kid's! But in all seriousness great stuff!

Biore combination cleanser- available at any drugstore 
EOS- available at any drugstore
Zoya- available at Target and Ulta and
Covergirl foundation- available at any drugstore

Hope you enjoyed much love Victoria

Hello and Welcome

April 8, 2014

Hello! And welcome to my new Blog "Coffee and a Blonde"! I am really excited to start blogging mostly this will be a fashion and lifestyle blog. So come back and check weekly for new updates and things that I am loving! It may take a couple days to get my first post on here but it will happen soon! Thanks guy's