Hunter's (my current obsession)

December 31, 2014

 If anyone asked me over the last couple of months what was one thing that I really really wanted! I would say Hunter Rain Boots! One because they are oh soo soo british and I absolutely love that feel! But also they looked so comfy and just an easy on the go outfit maker! (totally a weird way of describing it). But then my  absolutely huge obsession with pinterest I started to become even more obsessed! I would sit around and pin and pin looks with the trademark boots! Truth I think rubber boots are making a huge return and I could not love it more! Below are some links to some great places for inspiration when it comes to all things Hunter! Hope you all have a fabulous New Year, be safe and Ill see you all next year! Lots and Lot's of Love!!!!
More Hunter Inspiration!
 Link to Hunter's Pinterest Board 

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Better late than never: December Favorites

December 30, 2014

I'm so not into waiting 7 years for my nail polish to dry, it's not a fun task.
With the luck I have I ruin them!

Mia 2 is the best thing since slice bread!

I Use this usually 2 times a night to really clean my face, I have seen insane
results with this beauty tool!

Lovin my new set up!!!

I read about this product on The Coveteur saying that it would help with the
frizz and flyaways that winter brings. Yes, I can say it does everything it says
I use it when I give myself a Blowout! 

Dry Bar is my obsession and this product is one that I love more than anything!
Pricey But so worth it! Plus the smell is bomb!

A thicker more hardcore moisturizer I always had a love for it, this product does everything it says it does, and doesn't skip a beat  
Ipsy set me this and at first I wasn't sure if I actually would like it and I can say that I do!

Can I just say how much I adore the Dry Bar's Products!!!! Perfect set of products 

I am so obsessed with these products to battle the cold and odd weather conditions of Pennsylvania! Without these products I wouldnt be Lost but I definitely would not know what to do with myself. So these products below are my current December favs in beauty! What are your favs and rituals you have right now for this cold crappy season? Anyway, have a wonderful day Guys and happy Tuesday!!!!
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Oscar Blandi
Insta Dry

Obsessing over Marsala

December 29, 2014

2015 is just around the corner that means the new color of the year is here! After receiving a email about the new color Marsala, I had to go and do some serious research on this new color trend. I searched and googled and read up on some great new products and places that sell this fabulous color! Sephora even has a whole tab dedicated to this new color of the year! Fashion hub, Instyle has a an fabulous article Listing more of the Lust products featuring this color. This year for 2015, the year is looking uber chic with this fabulous new color! I'm so excited to be back writing about my love of fashion! Hope you all had an wonderful holiday with your family and friends! Lot's of love,

Skirt: Zara 
Lipstick: Sephora 
Cuff: Vince Camuto

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