Wednesday Coffee: Sandals

February 25, 2015

I know that it's probably hard to imagine that it's going to be warm soon. Let alone that we will be wearing sun dresses and sandals soon. As I sit in my house writing this post it is snowing like crazy. I think its safe to say its time for spring to come our way, and for us to all go get our hot pink pedis! At least I can say I am ready....
So today on the blog we are talking Sandals and some of my current obsessions. I mean can we just look at those gemed Kate Spades! Gorgeous!!!! When pulling this post together I spent the majority of the time dreaming of wearing these. But we kinda aren't there in pa yet, with the whole warm weather. We really aren't out of the boots yet! But all I can say is I'm reading to pull out my Jack Rodgers and strut my stuff!
Happy Wednesday Loves!
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Nordstrom Sandals
Piperlime Sandals 
Just fab Sandals 

Keepin It stylish at the gym

February 23, 2015

Its no secret I tend to uber non stylish when I go to the gym. I usually rock the yoga pants and old school tee shirts that I should have threw out years ago. The older I get the wiser I am getting with my style at the gym. I now am investing in nice gym clothes and nicer tee shirts. However, I am not that type of girl who goes to the gym with hair and makeup all done. Also, it explains why I didn't take any pics with me in my gym clothes because I kinda looked like death! In this post today I share some of my ideas and necessities for the gym! What are some of your tips for when going to the gym!? Have a fab Monday guys!!!!
xo, Victoria

Ps. Any recommendations for new tennis shoes! I'm in desperate need of a a new pair
My biggest tip when going to the gym is to wear a different pair
of shoes to the gym. This helps to not
ruin your expensive Tennis shoes! 
  • During the colder months I always throw on a nice knit scarf 
  • I also never forget headphones so I can listen to music and or watch the news! 
  • I am recently now getting into bringing a tote to the gym to carry my water or keys. 
  • A nice zip up is perfect for me because Its not too heavy but just perfect

Great places to get your style on at the gym:
New balance ( they have the best workout pants)  

Collaboration with Posh Prime

February 17, 2015

Can we just have some hint that spring is coming soon!? Today on the blog I have teamed up with the ever so fabulous Posh Prime! I love this girl and her blog, she's a fabulous person who really has a fantastic sense of style. I am beyond honored to have teamed up with her. We decided to go and do a winter layered look, very suitable for the horrible weather conditions we have been having here in Pa. A simple layered look for me is jeans a thicker cool tee shirt and a large sweater, never forget a hat and an oversized scarf. That is my best advice when handling the look of layering! Thank you Posh Prime for teaming up with me, and thank you guys for reading have a fabulous day! 
xo, Victoria 
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50 Shades of Pink

February 11, 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone, today is the begging of my valentines day themed posts. I am not a huge romantic for valentines day. But I do enjoy getting into the holiday by making sweet treats and putting up sweet decorations. However, I am a huge sucker for shades of pinks, and that we are approaching the holiday. I thought that it is only necessary to do a valentines day makeup post. I love pink, I find it to be a great transition color for spring. And in February we are really pushing for spring at least I can say I am!
xo, Victoria 

Powder Pink Scandal Coat

February 6, 2015

If nobody already knows this about me so far. I am really loving powder pink coat from the scandal collection by the Limited, the new spring collection is coming February 14th! I was beyond in love with the collection and knew I had to get my hands on a piece. The result was this fabulous coat. It is beyond warm and can be dressed up or down. Earlier this week on the blog I posted a picture with the coat dressed up. Today was a more casual day, but I still tried to keep it dressy. I love this sweater that I wore under, so incredibly warm and is a part of the Loft Loungewear collection. We really need warmer weather to come our way here at home, today it was 4 outside. Spring please come soon!!! Have a fabulous weekend, and see you on Monday!
xo, Victoria
Shoes - Target 
Sunglasses - Prada 
Bag- Michael kors 

Wednesday Coffee: Valentines Day

February 4, 2015

Happy Wednesday Guys! Today I threw together a little valentines day inspired board. Valentines day is fastly approaching us. This is  a little idea board for the special someone in your life. I am really obsessed with the Kate Spade valentines day things. Also really loving Wildflower cases for valentines day! Sephora is also another great destination for valentines day things! I just love Valentines day, its such a fun holiday! Have a great Wednesday guys!
xo, Victoria 

Printed Prim and Larkin Dress

February 2, 2015

 Happy Monday guys! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Also, I hope you all have recovered from the excitement of Super Bowl! Let me tell you I loved watching Katy Perry! But anyway today on the blog I did a little outfit with this fabulous Piperlime dress! I love this dress, I was able to purchase it on super sale and I do own a couple pieces from Prim and Larkin. I love the structure of this dress, I previously wore it back in December to a wedding and decided to revamp it into something I could wear in a more casual setting.
I've also been loving my powder pink coat from the Limited, when I saw that Scandal was doing a collection. I knew, I had to have one piece from this collection. We have been having some warmer days recently here at home and it couldn't be more fantastic. This is the first post that I didn't freeze to death!
                                                              Have a fabulous day guys!