Keepin It stylish at the gym

February 23, 2015

Its no secret I tend to uber non stylish when I go to the gym. I usually rock the yoga pants and old school tee shirts that I should have threw out years ago. The older I get the wiser I am getting with my style at the gym. I now am investing in nice gym clothes and nicer tee shirts. However, I am not that type of girl who goes to the gym with hair and makeup all done. Also, it explains why I didn't take any pics with me in my gym clothes because I kinda looked like death! In this post today I share some of my ideas and necessities for the gym! What are some of your tips for when going to the gym!? Have a fab Monday guys!!!!
xo, Victoria

Ps. Any recommendations for new tennis shoes! I'm in desperate need of a a new pair
My biggest tip when going to the gym is to wear a different pair
of shoes to the gym. This helps to not
ruin your expensive Tennis shoes! 
  • During the colder months I always throw on a nice knit scarf 
  • I also never forget headphones so I can listen to music and or watch the news! 
  • I am recently now getting into bringing a tote to the gym to carry my water or keys. 
  • A nice zip up is perfect for me because Its not too heavy but just perfect

Great places to get your style on at the gym:
New balance ( they have the best workout pants)  


  1. I need to get back in the gym!

    1. It's so hard to motivate myself to go. I feel you girl. thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great ideas to stay pulled together!


    1. Thank you so much! thanks for stopping by!