Friday fever

April 24, 2015

Happy Friday everyone, sorry I have been so absent! I have literally had one of the most hectic weeks ever. Today on the blog I am featuring one of my absolute favorite outfits recently! I'm currently obsessing with fringe bags and Birkenstocks! So adorable and chic! This white dress I recently wore for easter and now I revised it and decided to bring it back to life in a different way! Can you totally say recycle wardrobe here? Thanks all so much for reading loves! Have a fabulous weekend! 

Springtime Blues

April 22, 2015

Shoes (simular)/ Shorts/Necklace( Vintage)/Shirt 
Happy Wednesday everyone! It's official I have opened up the drawer that has all my shorts. Seriously what a great feeling! Over the past few days here at home we are having some hot temps! I feel really spoiled with these temps too!
  But one of my fav's for spring has to be blue's I love blue in general but I really love to wear it in the springtime! These shorts I am wearing are actually Tommy Hilfiger, I found them at Marshall's when I decided to hunt through the racks in pursuit of finding a good deal! These are so comfy may I add and they really keep the shape and don't ride up on me and I love that!
   As for the pup well he got a nice spring haircut leaving him looking naked and just really weird. We are trying to deal with it as much as we can! Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!

Lilly fever

April 20, 2015

 Happy Monday all! In honor of yesterday being the launch of Lilly for Target I felt I had to style one of my favorite Lilly's. No, I was not able to get anything from the collection leaving me super mad and really Salty. Originally I wanted two pieces that I have had my eye on since the preview party back in march. Below I have the two pieces shown, I didn't know that literally the whole collection was gone by the time I went to my local Target at 11:00 it was all gone. Actually completely gone and the shelves of where the Lilly should have been. I asked the woman and she told me that all Lilly was completely gone by 8:30 am. Of course, the one thing that was left from the collection was the nail polish. Not really, what I was aiming for nor really wanted from the whole collection.
   But if you really want a piece of the collection you can go and try to purchase it on eBay. Fair warm you however it is definitely marked up ridiculous. A cosmetic bag is was being sold on eBay for $35 bucks a little far from the $9.00. Besides that it is a fabulous collection and I am so happy Target teamed up with Lilly to do this. But I still wish I could have one Piece! Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

shop the collection here!

The awkward the better?

April 15, 2015

Sometimes as a blogger when I am working on a post I manage to take probably the most un- flattering good looking photo I possibly can take. Today is one of those days. I had to still post this because one the dress is my favorite thing in this world. And two my adorable cousin Allie decided she wanted to be in this post! I mean common how could I not post this? However, I managed to take probably the worst unflattering pictures ever cant get over how bad these look. oh well!!! I hope you all are having a great Wednesday! Also April 19th is the Lilly and Target collab and are you guys as excited as I am? You can check out the collection here! Tell me what your fav pieces of the collection are! 
xoxo, Victoria

Candid! I look horrendous but shes adorable 

My look: dress/shoes (now on sale)/clutch/bracelets/sunnies/earrings ( old, factory has great finds)
Allies look: dress (they have a fabulous selection of dresses)/shoes/sweater

Currently Feeling Vol.2

April 13, 2015

Spring has sprung so has so many new favorites of mine! New trends and new purchases lead to new obsessions and things I really can't live without! Below is a summary of my favorites right now! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a happy Monday!
A biggie right now as you all might know is Birkenstocks I love them!
These ones are from my fav place Target!
Link to my Birkenstock post
Bracelets: Bourbon and Bowties are really my favorite thing
my collection has been growing and I just love her and the fact that they are
made in the USA!
Shirt: Well aren't Sundays the most fundays??
Boscia- I love this stuff so amazing great cleanser surprisingly affordable
NYX- Try this color you will be so happy you did!
Drybar- you will be one happy gal after using this brush 
Sunnies- the Easter Bunny brought these with love! Love Target Sunnies
Wristlet- My amazing family that I watch their children bought me this
for a late Christmas gift! Love coach wristlets and love the texture of this one 


April 10, 2015

It hasn't been a secret I have loved and desired to own my own pair of Birkenstocks for some time now! Being 18 and fashionably like forward compared to my classmates I was kinda stared at when walking into school with these bad boys on. But really I can't say I cared too much, I was just so happy that I finally got a pair, even though I got them at Target for an extremely reasonable price ( sorry I'm on a college budget).

The day I wore these it was like the first really warm sunny and 77 temps, I mean my toes weren't even painted that means I was excited! I paired it with a nice and sweet Jcrew white shirt I love this shirt and some super soft ripped denim. A bright clutch I added to brighten the look a little more and possibly add an edge! SO tell me are you guys obsessing over Birkenstocks too?

Jeans/ Birkenstocks/ Clutch/ Neklace (my fav)/Sunnies/Watch/ Shirt