Tips and Tricks for packing smart!

July 31, 2015

Have you ever just hated having to pack for a vacation? Obviously not hating the idea of a vacation but hating the thought of having to sit down and think and create list of everything you need before you leave town!?? Or you are like me and you completely overpack and look like you are staying for a month and not a week.
 This year I have made a pact for myself to go and try to be way smarter when it comes to packing even though I completely dread this process. When it was all said and done I felt that I made a huge step! SO I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks when it comes to packing for vacation! Hope you guys like this, it was really something different to do and I sorta enjoyed it!!!
Happy Friday Everyone!!! 
One piece- Target now on sale, Hat- Tj Maxx, Clutch- Target 

Straw bag- Target 
When I travel I try to have a large tote that I can carry everything I need!
Helps the car ride go much smoother!! 
Kate spade planner and Lilly Tumbler and pens available here
Phone case available here 
Reducing the amount of bags I bring really helps with packing! I coordinated these bags to
all my outfits!
Bucket bag- JC Penny (old)
Monogrammed clutch- Marley Lily
Hats- Tj Maxx 
My Bourbon and Bowties are pretty much essentials so versatile and work so well with everything in my
wardrobe! Same with my Giving keys and my Kendra Scott. I pretty much pack all the essentials! 
shoes are my hardest thing. I usually try to be smart no heels and no wedges! I also added
my tennies to the list because I try to do a workout at the beach!
These toms bags are the best thing ever! I go and place all my shoes on the bottom of my suitcase! I really
love these toms 
I press all my dresses and fold them, I usually do throw a bottle of Downy Wrinkle releaser
into the mix it helps me out big time! 

Shorts I keep them basic and fun. I usually add in simple staples to throw on with these shorts!
Really helps to make my wardrobe more versatile while I am at the beach! 

I decided to throw all my bathing suits into a bucket bag and it really helped big time with storage in my
Lilly Strap- Available here 

The outcome is perfect everything works perfectly and I even had room still!! Yayy more shopping!!!! 

The simple classics

July 29, 2015

 Have you ever forgot you owned something super fun in your closet?? Well, that happened to me the other day. I have been literally killing myself looking for outfits to wear for the beach, literally it has been eating at me. When I was searching through my summer staples I found this super fun top and thought "hmmm" this would be a super fun thing to wear for the blog. Well 3 days later here we are, seriously I fell back in love with this fun top! So fun reconnecting with old pieces in your closet! Happy Wednesday everyone wishing you all a wonderful day!

Skirt- Jcrew 
Top- Forever 21
Clutch-American Eagle 
Shoes- Marshalls 
Braclets- Sabika and Bourbon and Bowties 

Instagram Lately!

July 27, 2015

Hi, guys and a very happy Monday to you all, wishing you all had a wonderful weekend! I decided today to switch it up here on the blog! Recently I have been really trying to work on my Instagram! I really have been trying to make it better and show more personal stylish pics! Plus I think it's kinda fun because its a mix of both worlds! 
Recently I have been loving my theme of my Instagram? Is that bad ha ha or is that even a real thing? Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Monday! 

Summertime fringe

July 22, 2015

If you ask me what my favorite purchase is this summer I really would have to say this tassel clutch! When I saw it I automatically thought this was the most perfect thing ever! In reality, I really had a hard time styling this gem! I am still going to keep working on perfecting how to work this clutch into my wardrobe! Happy Wednesday loves! 
Ps. I know these pictures are super dark, I am super mad actually! sorry guys! 

Short Mumu

July 20, 2015

how gorg! We finally have blue Hydrangeas

 Happy Monday everyone! Hoping you all had a wonderful well rested weekend! Today I finally am styling this dress from The Line Boutique! They are a local Boutique that I found on Instagram! After visiting there  I literally fell in love! I came home with this little number, It reminds me of a chic and short mumu! My favorite part of this dress is the flowyness from the back! Its loose and pretty and just perfect for the summertime! Also I pulled out my Mini mac for this post, so diffrent because ive been carying my Luxe monogramed bag from Marley Lilly!
-Wishing you all a wonderful monday!
- Shop The Line Boutique here