The pretty pink dress!

March 31, 2016

 Dress: She In, Shoes: Lauren Conrad, Jewels: Rocksbox use promo vfox1234xoxo for one month free
Bag: Kate Spade, Sunnies: LOFT 

Happy Thursday everyone! We are almost done with the week and that means the weekend is almost here! Thank god! Today I am obsessing over this gorgeous dress from She In!  
When I tried on this dress for the first time I instantly started to have a huge Kate Spade moment! I fell in love with the look and feel of this dress! It instantly gave off a super feminine feel! Which I absolutely love! The back is probably one of my favorite things on this planet I mean can we all take a moment to look and admire the detail on the back?? I mean how amazing?? I had so much fun wearing this gorgeous number around! And how fun is these drop earrings from this months Rocksbox? I literally am in love! If you aren't already a Rocksbox subscriber use my promo code vfox1234xoxo for one month free! 
Wishing you all a wonderful day! 
Brought to you by She In 

Spring Cleaning with Tommy John

March 30, 2016

Every season I have the problem of what to keep and what to finally throw away! Since starting my blog I feel like I keep way more things than I used to! Because I think for some reason I will wear a ridiculous hot pink dress in a future post? Today I am teaming up with Tommy John to bring you all my tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning out your closet!

1. Think if you will picture yourself in this? 
I have to do this a lot! Like I said before I have problems with keeping things I know I don't need! I know so many people are also like me! The best tip is if you can't see yourself in this garment anymore it mostly means that it is time to let go! Think of this as letting go to gain! Letting go of an old garment means a new one will be soon added to your closet. That means a new story and a new chapter!

2.If it doesn't complement you don't keep it!
If it doesn't fit anymore and or it just isn't complimenting you! Mostly that means it's time to let it go! As upsetting as that can be you don't want to keep something in your closet that just isn't going to fit you!

3. Is this Outdated? 
Seasons come and go and so do trends! Unfortunately, things become super outdated and we all tend to keep things that are outdated! This goes with number one! just discard that garment to open new garments into your closet!

4. Is the garment falling apart? 
If the item is starting to fall apart to the point where it possibly can not be repaired it is time to let it go! Nothing is worse than a garment falling apart! Even if you spend tons of money on this garment just remember good clothes fall apart!

5. Old Everything! 
Throw out all old undergarments, pants,skirts, shirts and bathing suits! Also, go through purses and jewelry! This is always a great idea to clear space and also to understand what you actually have! We sometimes are so unaware of what we own!

So what can you get rid of right now? 
Garments that don't fit and or don't complement you 
Dresses that are way too short (check the hemline and the cut) 
Outdated garments! 
Ripped essential shirts!
Garments that have faded! 

As for the men in our life! 
-Pull out all old PJ's and old underwear! 
- Throw away all old and worn out undies! 
- Old socks and undershirts can be thrown out! (Most men have a hard time getting rid of socks) 
- Replace the old with the new! Try a better and much more stylish men's underwear
- Because doesn't everyone deserve to be feeling and looking their best? 

This post is brought to you by Tommy John's

Winters by the beach + An instant fashion update!

March 28, 2016

Bag: Tj Maxx, Jeans: JCrew, Shoes: Kohls, Utility Jacket: Forever 21, Necklace: RSVP Greensburg, Denim Shirt:American Eagle, Cream pull over: Marshall's 

Monday creeps up on me way too fast anymore...
Happy Monday everyone I hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful weekend! I know mine was filled with Easter parties and Easter egg hunts! It is so much fun to watch little ones look for eggs and then open all the eggs and get so excited! Brings back so many fun memories! As for my naked cake, it went off without a hitch! Highly recommend you make one you will love it! 

This week is a stressful but super fun week! I have a total of 4 posts this week! Which has never been done but I am trying it for the first time! So lets hope and pray it goes well! Also, I am getting my photos done on Tuesday for the anniversary of Coffee And A Blonde!Who would have thought that my little blog would be turning 2!?? Not me! 

Today's post is a mashup of an outfit I wore while I was in Myrtle Beach! It was still cold but kinda super warm compared to PA's wonderful temps at the time! Cooler mornings and warmer afternoons is what we had while I was visiting! I was quite content because all I had to do is pull a layer off! But my favorite thing had to be the chicness of wearing your jacket and or coat just on your shoulders! By wearing it like that it automatically kicks up your outfit 100%! Try it I'm serious you will love the instant fashion update! 
Wishing you all a wonderful start to this week! 

My spring shoe picks!

March 25, 2016

spring shoes

Sophia Webster high heel shoes,  / GEDEBE high heel shoes / Aquazzura special occasion shoes, / Paul Andrew blue sandals,/ Aquazzura beige sandals,  / Gianvito Rossi brown sandals, / J.Crew j crew shoes,/ J.Crew blue sandals,/ Kate Spade platform shoes / Sophia Webster wedges shoes, / Kate Spade navy sandals / Sam edelman sandals, / New balance shoes,  / Sam Edelman high heel shoes / Bonbon self tying shoes,/ Sam edelman sandals,/ Peep toe shoes / Steve Madden red shoes / Sam Edelman flat shoes, / Sam edelman sandals / ALDO high heel shoes / New Balance flat shoes, / New Balance flat shoes, / New Balance shoes,

Spring is here and that means a new rotation of shoes! This season we are seeing the popularity of chic New Balances and darling pom shoes! I have to say this season I am in LOVE with all the shoe trends! So many fun and amazing styles we are seeing this season! Above I rounded up some of my favorites for this season! 

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Easter! And a very very relaxing weekend! 

Painting Charleston Red

March 23, 2016

Ahhh Wednesday is here!! 
Today is my last day of class before Easter! I am so excited to have a few days off to get some work done! And of course, get some baking done for Easter! I really love this time of year pastels and fresh blooms! But I also love the tradition I am so excited to be attempting to make madeleine cookies and a naked cake! Yes naked cake, search it on Pinterest it is so creative and amazing! Can not wait!

 Romper: Fascino, Shoes: Mudd, Necklace:The giving key, Bag: MarleyLilly Sunnies: Ray Ban, Bracelets: Bourbon and Bowties

As for this romper, it is my favorite thing on this planet! I always have had trouble when it comes to rompers. Usually, they don't fit me right and or complement me. But this one is literally perfection and so perfect for spring and summer! Can we talk about a serious transition piece? I am so sad however because this is my last charleston post! I seriously loved my time in charleston! The beauty and the history it is so wonderful and I feel so blessed I had the opportunity to go! 
Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! 

Welcoming Spring with MakeSpace

March 21, 2016

Spring is literally just around the corner! And we all know that it can be quite exciting unpacking all our spring and summer wardrobe! It is like welcoming an old friend back! We finally can unpack all our colorful and bright prints! Which is literally my favorite thing on this planet! So many trends go and so many come back! But I am so excited to have been inspired by MakeSpace to bring you some of my favorite trends for this season.
Silk Scarf: Bijuju, Shoes: Vestique
Silk Scarfs- I am obsessed with this Parisian concept! If you follow me on Instagram you can see that I have a thing for them!(Vfox1234) They are effortless and just so darling! Take a basic white tee and add a silk scarf around your neck... Perfect outfit combo!

Lace Up Flats- Probably one of the biggest trends of right now! I am hooked on these babies, as you can see! They are one so comfy and two they are effortlessly chic! 
Shorts: JCrew, Tommy Hilfiger, and Target Bracelet: JCrew
Multi Colored Shorts- Jcrew every season has my heart literally! Every year I am a huge fan of colored shorts! I love this color for spring and summer!
Bright Jewelry: I am obsessed with colorful jewelry! I mean nothing screams spring like bright color jewels! Enough said! Keep complementary designs in mind don't invest so much in a piece that it leaves you bankrupt! 
Bag: Kate Spade
Bright Spring Bag- Spring is NOT complete without an adorable spring bag! Luckily I picked this one up Tj Maxx back in the fall! So I am so excited to pull this beauty out! A perfect floral or simple tote can be perfect to carry you from spring to summer effortlessly! 
   Packing and unpacking tips!  
When it comes to packing and unpacking your wardrobes for the next seasons. Remember to fold all your sweaters! To prevent stretching making them super unwearable and useless! Also neatly fold and or stack your shirts, tee's and even sweaters! This helps to make more space when placing everything in a container and or bins! When it comes to dresses I have great luck with sticking them in the back of my closet making a rotation when different seasons come! Also, remember those garments that have to go to the Dry Cleaners. Get those garments cleaned before the start of the season! By doing this you can just grab and go!  Not having to worry about the wine stain on your fav Kate Spade dress! 

And finally, remember those companies that will help to take that extra stuff from your closet! Makespace is a wonderful, and on-demand storage company, that does just this.
From small to big they can handle all different products! And when this time comes that you will need that season back, they deliver right to your home! How chic is that? 

This post is brought to you by MakeSpace

Spring Transition with the Camel Coat

March 17, 2016

 Dress: JCrew, Coat: Target, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Bag: Tj Maxx, Necklace: Forever 21
Sunnies: Ray Ban 

Happy Thursday! 
This is the first time in a very long time I have done a Thursday post! But I'm half excited for the change! Change can be good! Life has been so busy last week was midterms which was very stressful and for that my blog sorta suffered from midterms. But I am uber happy to be putting my focus back into my blog! 

Enough about my personal life and more into today's post. We all can notice I am so very excited for spring and just over cold and winter weather! Since being in Charleston it's easy to say spring and summer can come ASAP! I am loving pretty simple statement coats! They are perfect for cooler breezy days! I am rather hooked right now! Also, I am hooked on this perfect spring bag! I mean it screams spring! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!