I'm Skin Clear with Nutrogena

October 23, 2017

Is there anything better than a better coverage foundation and one that strives to keep your skin clear. 

well, not until now... 

I have always strived to have clear and maintainable skin. But there is times when growing up I had problems with keeping that skin clear. Who has never had this problem, literally everyone under the sun has had an acne problem at one time. Especially being a girl. Now comes in finding foundation, that is a whole other situation. Having acne and trying to find the perfect foundation can be one of the hardest things ever. That is where Neutrogena comes in they are the dream team drugstore makeup brand that helps with not only our skin care problems but our makeup problems. They are amazing at creating a full coverage beauty products that won't give up on you as the day goes on. 

Some of my favorites currently include

Blemish Concealer: Possibly one of the best concealer sticks ever! No joke, this thing covers everything. And if you are anything like me I have problems when I have a blemish concealing them and making them look not there. This stuff treats and covers the whole entire thing. So you can spend more time not worrying and feeling self-conscious and more time living life.

Mineral Powder: If you are anything like me you love a good powder to lock and seal that foundation in. This powder is one of my ultimate favorite drugstore brands ever and it's affordable and it is perfect if you have tendencies of ache problems.

Blemish Control Concealer-  Full coverage and perfect for the person that has acne problems. Yes, it is perfect even for people who do not have that all over acne skin type. It is still full coverage and the shades are perfect. I noticed it helps also with keeping my T zone not oily.

Friday Favorites

October 20, 2017

It has been a long time since I shared some of my very favorite Friday Favorites with you guys. The last time that I took the time to compile my very favorites. So many good things are here for fall and I love sharing them with you guys. I also loved the feedback from Wednesday's post about women in business and women in fashion. So I am so excited that you guys loved that post. Like I said I want to start incorporating more and more of my life into this blog. I want to expand fashion and become more than that. 

So with that being said let's kick off Friday Favorites

I asked you guys on Instagram poll if you wanted to read about where to get these adorable OTK boots. And you all said YES! So these beauties are under $39.99 right now and are perfect for fall and for that internship. 

Next up we have fall knits and fall sweaters.

Possibly one of my very favorite thing on this planet is knits and target is having a huge BOGO right now with there Knits! Below I linked some of my very favorite ones right now for the change of the season!

Next, up has to be the fall scenes. Fall has made its appearance here in Western PA finally after weeks of waiting and desiring fall we finally have some fall scenes! Below is a shot I took the other day walking to work. Greensburg is so pretty this time of the year.

Finally I have what I am shopping this weekend... SO many goodies and so many good things to be shopping right now! Especially because fall has made its way here!

Intern Fashion

October 18, 2017

Truth: I am proud to be a woman, and a woman who is in college with 3 majors, maintaining a job, internship, college activities and most importantly a blog.

It is crazy to think this has become my life, when I was 16 starting a blog and thinking about college I never thought in my mind I would ever be working with dream companies, bringing content to people. Not to mention being recognized in the community for my blog. It is satisfying, exciting and scary as hell.

Now I am taking on the biggest challenge.... Intern.
That sounds like I am insane but seriously, this is a huge pressure that I am now getting used to. When I got this internship the first thing I thought of is how and what am I going to wear... Legit what I thought. As a woman in business, I was told I have to wear things that won't make me appear as "sexy". I totally was beyond freaked out and at a point where I was like is this for real. Then a lightbulb went off, lets channel my frustration of a fashion fail through here. One thing that I am coming to learn is to be more open about a career and life. 

For three and a half years on here, I have only talked about clothes and more clothes. Let's talk about a career for the young business gal who is getting ready to take on the world. I am so excited to be more open about the next chapter of my life and to be sharing more professional outfits and career advice! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! And a huge apology for no post on Monday I celebrated my 21st birthday on Sunday! 

How to overcome comparison

October 11, 2017

For the past few months, I have been going through a deep meditation of comparison. In the blogging world, we see ourselves comparing on the regular to the point that it takes the fun out of blogging and sharing our everyday worlds. I am the ultimate queen of comparing my content and my blog to others.

 It was an ultimate goal of mine with the new year to grow my little 2,000 followers into so much more. I visited plans to be as organic and engaging as I could be when it came to growing that organic content and those followers. I set out a plan to be as engaging and as growing as one could be. Soon i started to see the Instagram hot wheels going and vast amount of growth. In that moment it started to get easier and I started to get much more confident in my work.

Or so I thought....

I started to see a constant gain but also a huge amount of slowness. Once I used to be cooking when it came to Instagram now I saw less and less. I instantly started to feel down about the whole thing and with the feeling of competition from a local blogger in the area. I felt I had to be better than that, and continuing to strive to be better than the norm. Soon I saw myself constantly comparing and thinking to myself why I was not better than this girl. 

Maybe this is what girls do we compare and compare until our faces go purple and we cry. But for real I was to the point of no return. I wanted to quit my blog altogether and just give up on what I started. The truth is overcoming competition isn't easy and isn't something that you can do overnight. But realizing your potential and what you are capable of is something that is awesome and is something that we need to do more of! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

White trends for fall

October 9, 2017

Fall is still lacking here in Western Pa, and I am just lagging in fall content posts. Mostly because it has been so warm here and not fall like in any way. So when it isn't like fall why make fall content posts. I love fall and it is by far my favorite season on the planet. However, the lack of fall is killing me, supposedly next week is the peak season for the leaves and I am hoping it finally cools down and we finally get those fall vibes. Meanwhile I am trying to pull together a fall like wardrobe while still keeping in mind the cool factors that go into it. It is way too humid here during the day to wear a sweater so I find myself leaning towards other sleeveless lighter layering knits. Hense where this adorable knit comes from. Y'all I will not lie I have this bad boy in two colors and it never ever seems to disappoint. Literally, I find myself every season wearing it over and over and over again, until I have to take out a razor a take all the balls off it. 

You get the point...... I love it dearly. 

Also what I am loving, bringing old dresses into new seasons. This babydoll dress is one of my all-time favorite purchases from spring this past year. I wore this dress in my Valentine's day post and let me just say it has a special place in my closet. I love adding in different spins on fall trends, and that is why I love this look so much. Not to mention these booties from Dolce Vita, every year I buy a brand new pair for fall. And this year I snagged these babies for an unbelievable price. I am linking them right below in today's post! 

I also am making a huge goal to get back on this weeks, posting schedule. I have been sorta away, midterms and busy hectic schedules have been keeping me away from getting all my posts done. However, I want to better improve that! 

Wishing you a wonderful Monday! 

The great embrodered bootie debate

October 2, 2017

Fall is here, for some of us that can be the time to unveil brand new fashions and styles. To get out of one's comfort zones and express their individual style. When I saw my blogger babes at New York Fashion Week a couple of weeks back there were two shoe trends I kept seeing. One being white boots and two being embroidered shoes. I fell in love lets just say, as a college student and young millennial 20 something I like affordable without skipping out on luxury. 

So I started my search high and low
And I am sure you all can figure out where in fact I went to find these two trends. Tj maxx and Marshalls. I found one pair that I LOVED, but this is a trend not a forever trend for me and adjusting to $50 was not for this girl. So I continued on, and found the perfect pair on sale at Marshalls for under $20 and let me just say I was PUMPED. So the next part that came with this entire thing was how do I style them??? 

The hardest part of all... but in actuality, it was not. 
These shoes are everything I wanted a low heel, bootie, and of course a cute print. All of the recommendations I had for myself if I was in fact, going to purchase a pair of these shoes. 

My final piece of advice for everyone, trends can come and they can go. However, if you want to try a new seasonal trend don't be afraid to try it. You might fall in love with the idea and it might completely change you. I rounded up some of my very favorite embroidered booties for fall. All that are super affordable and perfect for a person on a budget that wants to try a hot new fall trend. 

Why I cut my hair off

September 28, 2017

Happy Thursday friends!

Where have I been??? Busy as crap!

If you didn't know or didn't notice yet on Instagram and or social media, I chopped all my hair off. No joke I legit chopped it off. Honestly, there are so many reasons as to why I chopped it off. Today I wanted to open up and share why I took the plunge to short. 

It was impulsive

For the first time ever, I never second-guessed cutting off my hair. That's rare because usually, I back out of doing a dramatic life change 99% of the time. This time I just walked in showed a picture and my hairdresser fell in love with the style and ten minutes later it was allll gone. Never have I ever impulsed a decision and just did it. Honestly, I think people in life need to remember that it is in fact just hair and it will grow and come back.  

It symbolizes something

The past few months I have been busy, that's an understatement. I am in college I work full time and I write this blog right here. With that being said Coffee And A Blonde keeps growing, expanding and taking off. Not only that but I am trying to be as involved as I can in my community with fashion and culture. My weeks consist of meetings and more meetings. Besides that boring story, you don't care about. I also have made a huge life change in the past 6 months personally. I have recently emerged out of my shell, found self-worth and even had self-growth. So when I was looking at my old frocks in the mirror it symbolized the old, not the new. I have had so much growth in the past few months and I felt as though that needed to changed as soon as possible.

Finally, it symbolizes change 
To me, this new hair symbolizes cutting off the dead weight. The drama, the hard feelings, the emotions and also to show people that I am comfortable with who I am as a person and who I want to be. To those people who might judge me it is a huge personal screw you, this hair today symbolizes my growth my new chapter and more importantly me. Change can be good and change can come at times when we desperately need it. For myself, I feel as though something simple like cutting your hair or changing the color or anything along that nature. Can symbolize something so much more than one may think.

Shop some of my very favorite hair products right now!