Bell Sleeves

April 24, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful weekend. Mine was packed this weekend the school year is starting to dwindle down and that means that I constantly am doing something for class. Like last Thursday I had so much school work due that I had to take a back burner to the blog post. So my apologies for the delay on the post! However, I am so excited to be back! I truly always miss you guys! 

Now let's talk today about bell sleeves: 
If there is one trend I am loving this spring it has to be the bell sleeve trend. I love a good bell sleeve they are so classic and you can literally style them anyway. Dressed up and or dressed down I am beyond in love with the options. I have really been trying to incorporate more of this trend into my closet this spring. I have been loving the soft feel of this linen bell sleeve. The blue checkered is so perfect to incorporate into my wardrobe. The best part is, I snagged this guy at Marshalls at a super budget friendly price! I linked this one and along with others below!

Happy Monday everyone! 

My three year Blogiversary!

April 17, 2017

It is completly crazy to me that I am typing this right now! But today this little blog is turning three years old! That is something that is literally so hard to believe for me! However I am feeling so overwelmed with love support and joy about the inspiration I have been able to bring to you all trough this little blog! Last Saturday (April 8th) was actually my blogiversary, but I felt that I should of held off a little till after Easter to celebrate! So today on the blog we are celebrating! 

As I stated above I seriously can not believe that this little blog is three! I feel like it was just three years ago that I was typing my frist blog post and was scared out of my mind to tell anyone that I had a fashion blog! The first person I ever told that I had a fashion blog was my bestie. She was so supportive and encouraged me to share it with the world! Now three years later, it usually is the first thing I mention when I have a conversation with someone. Coffee And A Blonde is the deffintion of blood sweat and tears and I am so proud of the hardwork that I have put into this blog. And I also am so thankful for the constant love and support I recieve from you all. The most rewarding moment of blogging has to be when someone emails you and or comes up to you and says that you helped to inspire them. That is more than exciting and it is actually is super moving! 

I am blown away everyday by the support and love I recieve everyday from you. And I have to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming to my little area of the internet to hear what I have to say and or taking tips and fashion advice from me. 

Not only is it super amazing its extremly generious. Without every single one of you I would not be where I am. And without my friends that I have met, I wouldnt be able to keep doing this. People sometimes think that blogging is so cut throat and yes it is. However the most rewarding moments is when you meet genuine friendhsip's with ladies that do the same exact thing as you! I am so excited to be going this summer to Nashville with some amazing bloggers! If you told me that three years ago I would just look at you and laugh and walk away. It is a dream, a wonderful dream! 

So on this three year blogiversary I wanted to take a big moment to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I love and adore you all more than you will ever know! 

The Easter Dress

April 13, 2017

Ahhh the best week is in full swing and now it is time to start thinking about what to wear for easter. I love easter it is my very favorite holiday on this planet. Ever since I was little I always loved this holiday. From dying eggs to making pies and cakes for the family dinner. I love it alll, end of story. 

Recently I have been loving pastels and lighter colors. I love this gorgeous lace dress that I picked up last year. It is a closet staple and is something that you really can wear continously throughout the season. I love having pieces that I can wear throughout the entire season. Personally that is my favorite thing on this entire planet. I constantly am purchasing new pieces to add to my closet but I always love a good staple and this dress is one that can stay in your closet for all those moments you need a good staple piece. This Easter weekend I am totally going to be rocking a light pastel colored dress for sure. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Holiday! 

The perfect denim for spring

April 10, 2017

There has to be one thing I love on this planet, a good pair of denim. Nothing on this planet is better than the perfect pair of jeans. Literally when I am on the go my main go to look is jeans and tennis shoes. I love the way a good perfect pair of denim feels! Today I am teaming up again with Redenim to talk about my favorite new jean for spring and how to style them perfectly for spring. 

Recently I have been loving these Current Eliot jeans from Redenim they are so so comfy and the wash is perfect for any shape. Normally I am not by any means a light wash girl I feel like they never compliment me. But woah! After trying these on I fell in LOVE with them! And they can be styled with so many things. Finally, it is warm enough to pull out spring style top's, thank goodness! I have been waiting for this for so long now! This flowy white top is so perfect and goes with basically everything in my closet! Simple pieces make a huge difference in your closet believe me! 

Happy Monday everyone! 

Rainy days in Pittsburgh with Coalition LA

April 6, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone! 

We are almost done with another week and I could not be anymore excited! Recently we have been experencing some werid and unique weather conditions here in PA. Personally this time of year is my favorite. The weather is changing and flowers and birds are making there debut. By far it is my most favorite thing on this planet! 

Recently I have been loving this jacket from Coalition La, it is perfect for the changing temps and it is so warm! Let me tell you I wore this on a semi chilly day with a long sleeve shirt on and I was sweating pretty good. So I am slightly in love with how functionally warm this jacket can be! Next I am in love with the color of this jacket. At first I was not a fan of this brown and wondered what I really could wear it with. But soon after looking at the majority I really started to like the color more and more. Not to mention it is really a jacket that you can wear ANY season! With its timless and iconic stiching it really is a jacket that has made a huge staple in my wardrobe this spring! 

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend!