Some of my favorite looks from last year!

August 30, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Fall is just around the corner and I am getting so excited! I love the fall season so much, not only am I an October baby but I love the season! Today I wanted to round up some of my favorite snaps from last fall. For me, I live for cozy knits and a good pair of jeans in the fall. I love anything that is cozy and symbolizes fall to the best of its ability.  

This year we are obsessing over, olive greens, jeans and booties. And I am so excited to start rounding up some of my fall favorites for this year. I am so excited to get some lookbooks together and share with you all my favorites for this season! So many goodies and so many new exciting things to share for the new season. 

But I want to hear from you guys! What are some trends of things that you all are excited for fall! Leave them in the comment section below! I can not wait to read what y'all say! 

Pink is the new power color

August 27, 2017

Blondes and Hot pink? What is a better combination? I never was a pink girl by any means but recently I have turned into a lover of pink. We all know how much I love this dress from Franchesca's that I purchased back in July. I was eyeing it up for some time now and finally I took the plunge and added to my closet. Truth is it's one of the comfiest and cutest dresses I own in my closet. Since purchasing it I have worn it a hand full of times and have now decided to make it my power color. Just kidding but seriously I am hooked to this color! 

Besides my love for this dress, I am starting a two part series where I style some looks for wedding season. I have quite a few weddings that I am going to be attending this September and I decided to share with you guys how I style some dresses in my closet. I am also incorporating some pieces from Prep Obsessed and y'all can we take a moment to take in how gorgeous this pearl necklace is? Legit one of the most gorgeous pearl pieces I own. 

I feel like when it comes to wedding season we can have a lot of trouble with finding pieces and dresses. Last year I did a blog post discussing 5 tips and tricks I follow for wedding season. I linked it right here in case you guys want to check it out! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday! 

Why you need a team!

August 25, 2017

It has been about two weeks from my blogger babe retreat in Nashville. And I am yet still in awe of the amazing and genuine blogger babes I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with.
If there is one thing you need in blogging it has to be a team. If we all know what team it is defined as. Together  Everyone Achieves More! And let me just say in blogging if you can get past the mean girls and find a genuine real group. You to can achieve that blogging support group too!

Let's rewind here on how I met all of these ladies. 

About a year ago I was asked to join an Instagram group with some ladies from across the country. Last year around this time I was really trying to grow my Instagram following. I spent so much time on here that I lacked on social media. One day I recieved a notification from a girl asking if I wanted to joing a blog support group on Instagram. Without a thought, I instantly said "yes." And from there these ladies have become some of my best friends.

We talk every day from life to blogging problems to content. I know all about these ladies down to the person level. Which is something so fun to me! I know the exact ways they got engaged and even what there hopes and dreams are for the future when it comes there blogs. We are each others support system in this crazy world of blogging.

And that comes into the importance of today's post, why you need a team. We all have supporters and people that are here cheering you on! As much as we have supporters we have people that are the first to bring you down. In blogging, I feel like we are always competing sometimes for that collaboration or for who has the better content. So it is always refreshign when you can surrond youself around ladies who just want to see the best for you.

 In all having that support group helps to make the blogging thing a little bit easier.

These ladies have changed my life forever and that's why I am saying having that support group and or team can change the game. At 20 and a few months, I can say I have learned one important thing. Surrond yourself around people that you support and love you. By doing that it helps to create a positive life for you and for those.

This is the first of three posts from Nashville and I am so excited to share so much about my trip! This was my first time traveling by myself and being on my own for a few days. It was such a wonderful experience. I recomend any 20 something to go by thereselves and take a trip to learn how to travel and how to get around. One of the best experiences ever!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

The last of the off the shoulder tops

August 23, 2017

Ahh, summer you are coming to an end and that means we have to say goodbye to the good old off the shoulder look. I have had an extreme amount of OTS pieces invade my closet in these past few months. I love them so much for so many reasons, one they are so comfy and two they look good on everyone with any body type. I have seen so many women with so many different body shapes rock this trend and they all look amazing!

So when I decided to expand my closet with yet another off the shoulder piece I knew that this one was different. The first reason why I adore this OTS top is it a three season dress. What does that mean? Well, it means it can be worn in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Three seasons and three different ways to style it. The black stripes make it a piece that is easy to transition with a sleeveless vest and booties. The options are literally unlimited when it comes to this little essential. Not to mention the warm weather still here this dress makes for an easy breezy look that is perfect for the on the go kinda girl. 

As I said on Monday I am back in class and I am adjusting to the back to school and blogging schedule. However, I am so happy to be back into the regular schedule! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! 

The Perfect denim dress

August 21, 2017

Y'all I am having some serious catching up to do. After a solid week away from the blog to have some vacation time and rest and relaxation. I am so excited to finally be back in business around here on the blog. So what have I been up to you may ask!

 Two weekends ago, I went to Nashville with some of my very favorite blogger babes. I love these girls beyond words, and so spending a weekend with them was a huge and wonderful honor. I had such a blast with them, in the next few weeks make sure to look out for a total recap of the weekend with my favorite gals ever.  After being home from Nashville for one day. Connor and I  departed for Myrtle Beach for a week vacation with my family that Monday. It was so nice to be surrounded by family and not work and just enjoy the simple things in life.

On top of that, I am back to the old college grind today. Yes, today starts the new semester and my Junior year of college. Can you guys believe I am a junior??? Because I feel like yesterday I just started college. Now a junior, insane to me!

Now on to today's post....

Okay, I may have said this a few times but I have this thing for a good denim dress. Like what is the best piece of clothing to have for fall? It has to be a good denim dress, you can wear them with booties, slides, flats and a wedge. Making it the universal dress to have in one's closet. When I got this adorable dress from PB&J Boutique, I fell in love with the denim, of this dress. That might sound weird but the light wash of this denim makes it perfect for the transition to the next season. Not to mention the ends of this dress are frayed which adds some dramatic and fabulous detail to it. Oh and this little number has POCKETS, this is a huge important factor over here for me. PB&J has the cutest dresses for the changing season but this one stole my heart and it comes at such a good price.

I am beyond ready for fall to roll around however, I am not ready to just switch up my closet just like that. So for me, This dress makes for the perfect transition to the season. I am also loving these shoes, from Marshalls. I picked them up a few weeks ago before I left for Nashville and wore them the majority of the time I was there. Not only are they the perfect color for fall but they are the perfect wedge. Not too tall and not too short. Which makes for the perfect shoe if you ask me.

Not to mention they come in so many wonderful colors. I linked tons of other options below that are awesome for summer/ late summer.

Excited to be back finally, I missed you guys more than anything! 

Thank you so much to PB&J sponsoring this post today!

How I pack for Vacation

August 9, 2017

Let's face it packing can be stressful, time-consuming and overwhelming. We all turn to different ways to prepare and get ready to go. A few years ago I did a packing post. This was when Coffee And A Blonde was fresh and new and now I can say I am heading into, the right direction. With that being said I wanted to take a moment today to dedicate an entire post to packing and the way I prepare for packing.

Recently I have added a new addition to my office area and that is this gorgeous gold rack. Did I mention it was a total DIY? Yes, it literally was a whole weekend adventure from start to end. But the outcome is one for the record books. The entire concept of a garment rack is the most time-saving thing on this planet. You can iron, hang and style all your looks and get a complete visual of what you are packing and styling.

Next up I have a slight obsession with these packing cubes Okay totally would think I would be a fan of this but let me say if you are traveling with a lot of crap. This saves some serious space for you. The best part is you can pick these up at your local TJ Maxx and Marshalls! They come in a pack of three and they hold so much. I know that I could possibly put 30% more product and clothes in these cubes!

Let's not forget the jewels, okay travel a lot with jewelry. Even if it is just to go down the street to shoot. I pack a majority of my jewelry in my clutches. However this year I wanted to invest and snag a good jewelry box. I came across this guy a few weeks ago and I was sold. Not only can it hold everything but it can keep it protected when traveling. The patted trays are an absolute favorite of mine.

Never ever forget the perfect carry on. This one from LL. Bean has my entire heart. I have had this bag for months now. And it never ever disappoints me, ever. I could never say enough good about this little tote bag. And no this is not in anyway sponsored it's just legit my holy grail. It is beyond fantastic, invest in one and get it monogrammed. 

Finally, let's talk what to pack. This is a good question that can be so hard to answer. Obviously, it depends on where you are going and what you need. In the summer I depend heavily on dresses they are easy and super fun to pack. In the winter I pack essentials that I can find multi purpose outfits for. This helps to create room and make more room in that suitcase, for fun souveniers like snow globes and post cards! I keep in mind the simple rules, essentials, and basics. Nothing else and nothing more, oh and let's not forget those darn PACKING CUBES!