Every girl loves a good pair of heels

September 18, 2017

If there is one thing in life that I love it has to be a good pair of shoes. 

Let me rephrase that statement above, what woman does not love a good pair of shoes?? It is literally no secret at all that women love shoes. So when Guilty Soles reached out to me to try a pair of their beautiful shoes, and let me just say I was hooked! I have always been a  girl who loves a good pair of tassels and the way that one can style tassels over and over again. So that's why I fell in love with the Alisha Tassel Block Heel  from Guilty Soles! Instantly I loved the endless amounts of outfits that I could wear with these shoes and the versatility that comes with these shoes. 

Like I always say, I always look for things in my closet that have larger amounts of versatility in them. I love pieces that can be re-worn multiple times and have a place in my closet for years to come. And part of the reason why I fell in love with Guilty Soles is they do just that. All of their pieces are perfect for multi-purpose use and any occasion. This weekend I am attending a wedding and I totally will be wearing these babes! 

Let's not forget also this Friday rings in the beginning of fall and this girl is one happy gal! So my racks have been being replaced by fall prints and fall dresses. This year I am loving this little lace-up number from SheIn, literally how cute is this adorable dress. I love throwing on a pair of OTK boots. And bam you have a perfect easy breezy fall outfit! 

Check out the awesome selection of shoes from Guilty Soles right here! 

How buy the perfect black denim

September 13, 2017

So many times I get asked how I buy the perfect denim and the perfect jeans for my body type. The truth is I am a person that has no clue what her body shape is and what style looks good on her. However, one thing is certain I know what blends and type of jeans I do like. So this comes in today's post I wanted to cover everything I know when it comes to buying black jeans and what I look for in a good pair of black jeans. 

Why should you have a pair? 
They go with just about anything for one. The number one thing I loved was how they can be worn for just about any season. Which was something truly amazing to me. How many pieces do we on in our closet that can be actually worn with everything under the sun??

They are comfy
Yes you heard me right, they are so comfortable. These ones that I am wearing throughout today's post are all Old Navy. And I love the cotton blend of these ones. They are stretchy and breathable and perfect to wear. Another thing I love about these jeans is they are high waisted. The high rise of these jeans make for a perfect tuck. Which is something I love especially because I have tendencies sometimes in jeans to have odd looking hips in jeans.

Finally, they look good on any body shape!!!
Yes, you heard me correct, they look good on anyone, that might be of any shape. They complement anyone's body shape which is something that I think is so amazing. I see so many girls in black jeans and they might be a 00 or a 10 and they always look good in dark wash jeans. For so many reasons, they flatten, tuck and accentuate your body!

Shop some of my favorite black denim below: The pair that I wore in today's post is also on super sale and I love these black denim more than words can express! Shop some of my favorite black jeans from Old Navy right below!

Fall Trends with Oliver Bilou

September 11, 2017

When I look to fall essentials I look for so many things to add into my wardrobe. A good bag is one of them, this year I have been obsessing over a good bag and I finally found the most perfect one! When I came across this gorgeous Mia bag from Oliver Bilou. I fell in love with not only the structure but also the hardware. I have never ever owned a bag quite like this. The structure was something so different for me. Which is something that I fell in love with even more than before. Finally, the hardware, ROSE GOLD. Yes, never have I ever owned a bag that is in, fact rose gold. That made me fall even more in love with this gorgeous Mia bag. 

With those two huge reasons being stated above I was hooked on this bag. This bag is sharp and nothing I love more than a bag that catches attention. And let me just say this Oliver Bilou bag does just that. 

Another thing that I am loving about Oliver Bilou has to be the meaning and the purpose behind these bags. Not only are they sophisticated and chic but they are into giving back. Every bag purchased a portion of the proceeds go to children's education. 

Besides the bag I am in love with this adorable top from SheIn, y'all how gorgeous is this top? From the bows to the white detail it is one of my favorites in my fall lineup. Not to mention you can wear it with much! From jeans to skirts to dressed up to down the options are literally unlimited! 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!