What are you thankful for??

November 20, 2017

This week kicks off the entire start to the holiday season and thus it starts the conversation about what we are thankful for. Even though reflecting on the past eleven months there is so much to be thankful for and to cherish for that matter. Who would have thought in 2017 I would have grew to 7,790 followers from a low 2,000 in January of 2017. And or would have discovered Connor, but for real thank god, I found Connor. Or have magically walked into seriously a bomb internship. The answer is
no, I had not one clue that all this would have happened. However, I am so THANKFUL it did.

Life can be super chaotic and crazy, I mean look at the past two months,  however I am so excited to enjoy reflect and take in the holiday with my loved ones! This week I am throwing Friendsgiving with roughly 30 friends! This by far is the biggest one I have ever had and I am so freaking excited! I decided that I want to capture more of the process that goes into something like this. Since a lot of you might be celebrating the holiday into the weekend. I thought what is better than sharing some Friendsgiving inspiration and or thanksgiving inspiration!

This Thanksgiving week I am taking time to sit down and reflect and think about all the people I care about and love. I know that at times we can get caught up in things that we shouldn't necessarily care about but we do. However this week we should let it go and reflect on everything and spend time with the ones we love! 

A little food for thought.... 

Light Holiday pre Shopping

November 13, 2017

Can we all take a moment to believe that we are in fact a week and some change away from the holiday season aka- black Friday.... 

And I am hard at work here juggling everything and getting those holiday gift guides DONE! Yes, I am getting into the holiday season kinda, but I wanted to kick off this Monday sharing some of my favorite purchases and purchases that you should make this year for the holiday season! Why you may ask, well there are so many good purchases to be made this holiday season ones that are great for that best friend or that sister. So I'm going to share some of my very favorite pieces ever, that yes you should think about giving this season.

Above are some of my ultimate favorites including Those Jcrew earrings and those gucci dupe mules! So much freaking fun!

Also stay tunned for all the exciting gift guides that are going to be coming out in the next week! Also let me know what you want to see on the gift guides! I am wanting to put out contect that you all love so much so please let me know if there is anything you want to see! 

Monogramed scarf

November 9, 2017

Possibly one of my favorite things on this planet is being on time and getting things done on time. Like I previously said I am a rediculous organized person it is who I am and I feel like that will never change. However, one thing I love is monogrammed things. Anything that is monogrammed is my favorite thing on this planet.

I mean my pillows are literally monogrammed. But besides that when this cozy and comfy monogrammed scarf came to my doorstep from Marleylilly, I was sold! This scarf is comfy af! Yes, so stinking comfy, the day I was shooting this look it was so darn cold out and this scarf with its large size and fabric it ultimately the comfiest thing ever, period end of story.

I love a good personalized item I love the way that it details soemthing and expresses something. 

Make sure to check back friday for something very exciting!