Hello, Everyone! 
I am Victoria Fox the writer, author, and creator of Coffee And A Blonde! 

Started in late April of 2014, at just 17 years old! I felt that I was ready to have a more creative outlet and really wanted to share my thoughts on fashion with the world. Since the launch of my blog nearly three years ago (April 15) I have graduated from High School and have started college! So you could say this blog is a life journey capturing all the wonderful and stylish moments with it! 
Currently, I am a Sophmore at Seton Hill University where my mother also attended! (Like mother like daughter) I am a business Administration Major and a Marketing Major I have a minor in Communications! I have a strong obsession with strong coffee, pretty blooms and delsih macaroons! 

So where does the name come from? 
Coffee And A Blonde comes from my obsession with coffee! When I was younger I would go to the city every weekend to help a family friend with her upscale pet store! She had a rather large obsession for Starbucks Coffee. And very soon after my first Strawberry Frappuccino, I was too! I drink probably six cups of coffee every day! As for the Blonde part, I am a natural blonde so it was fitting! 

So what does a college girl do besides running a blog and going to school?  
Becides blogging, I love to spend time buying fresh flowers and putting them all around the house!  I have a thing for flowers, it is more like an obsession? If I am having a bad day flowers are always going to cheer me up! Also, I love to spend time with my family and my friends! Those two things always make life a little more richer!

 I also work full time to pretty much support my bad shopping addiction. I am always on the go and really never sit down to take a breather! 

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